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China Petrochemical Western District of crude oil smooth Dongyun
Author:China-lk Date: 2017-07-08
 June 27, the the Kuitun train station. As soon as the whistle blew, the China Petrochemical Western District of high-quality crude oil from the first car starting smoothly transported to Xi'an. This is western New District Following achieve Dong 1 well, Wing 1 well, row 2 well multi-point breakthrough capacity building towards a solid milestone step.
    In November 2005, with the constant breakthroughs in western New District, especially the Junggar Basin Chepaizi areas of oil and gas exploration, row 2 well area capacity building is also accelerating.
Headquarters stock of the situation, put forward the the crude SEA Games overall vision, enhanced oil-occupied maximize the overall effectiveness.
    On December 22 last year, the headquarters departments held a special meeting to make specific arrangements of the crude DONGYUN preparatory work. Bear the crude DONGYUN tasks victory oilfield exploration and development center in Xinjiang with high sense of responsibility and mission, careful arrangements, extensive deliberation, to determine the details of the implementation of the program; consultations with China Petroleum Dushanzi Refining Company, signed oil depot rental contract; establish analysis 
Laboratory Centre, to ensure the quality of oil; equipped with statistics, measurement, security professionals, the development of relevant systems; coordination with the railway authorities to develop the transportation plan, all the preparation work is completed in the shortest possible time.
    Western New war the officers and men of the face of a series of world-class exploration problem, emancipate the mind, a positive innovation, continuous progress in exploration work, Wing 1 well has achieved a major breakthrough and exclusive 2 well last year, achieved a major breakthrough, an important extension an important step forward, an important signs encouraging results, row 2 well become a major breakthrough in the Chinese petrochemical 2005 exploration one of the three highlights. , Row 2 well area a total of 15 wells for production, Nissan more than 260 tons of oil in 2006, crude oil production is expected to reach 10 million tons. 
As of June 26, row 2 well area has cumulative oil production of 59,000 tons.
    At the same time, the exploration and development of integrated operation mode practiced in row 2 well area, western new capacity will be greatly expedited. 
According to the forecast, according to this model run, with accumulation scale Chepaizi area more than 50 million tons, more than 300,000 tons of production capacity is expected to be completed in 2008.
    Expert analysis, the crude oil to achieve a smooth Dongyun solve storage and transportation bottlenecks restricting the development of new exploration of western China Petrochemical, exploration and development work will promote further set foot on the fast track at high speed.

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